Help with QTVR, Java, DevalVR, Flash VR and Shockwave

History of VR Photography?
In 1991 Apple Computer launched QuickTime the software that today is one of the most popular ways to create and show news, multimedia, movie trailers and QTVR.
QuickTime VR was presented as an ad on to QuickTime in 1994 as referred in this Seybold Report from a preview pesented by Eric Zarakov.
The official QTVR support was in januar 1995 and in Aug 1997 the QTVRAS - QuickTime VR Authoring Studio was launched. Cubic QTVR was released in QuickTime 5 as preview October 10, 2000.
What is a QTVR panorama?
QTVR stands for QuickTime Virtual Realty.
QTVR panoramas allow viewers to pan around an image 360 degrees.
What is required to view the panoramas ?
The Quicktime 5 plug-in or higher is required to view  the panoramas on this site. It can be downloaded from Apple free of charge for both Mac and Windows computers. If you have the QuickTime installed but you are having trouble viewing the panoramas check to make sure you have the latest version of QuickTime.
**Note: Widows Internet Explorer 5 and 6 users.
You may get a message asking you to install Active X, which is a component that is necessary for the latest versions of IE to connect to QuickTime. It is a simple installation and only takes a very short time. You must install it to view the panoramas.
How do I control the panorama?
Let the panorama download fully. This may take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on your connection.
To navigate the QTVR click in the image, hold the button and drag in any direction. To Zoom in, use Shift the button . To Zoom out, use the CTRL button.
Some users have reported feelings of nausea while viewing panoramas,  this probably occurs  from panning the picture around to rapidly.  I recommend that you pan around the image slowly.

SPi-V engine

The SPi-V engine (pronounced 'spiffy', short for Shockwave Panorama Viewer) is the first publically available, cross platform, hardware accelerated panorama viewer. It is built on Adobe's acclaimed Shockwave 3d platform. For more information of the SPi-V engine, see the fieldOfView website. For documentation on how to use the SPi-V engine to display panoramas, visit the SPi-V developers site.

SPi-V is under active development. The latest version is available from the SPi-V developers site:

Deval VR

DevalVR is a 3D multipurpose viewer to play interactive contents on the Internet. With DevalVR it is possible to view all types of panoramic images: cubic, spherical and cylindrical panoramas. Additionally, QTVR format is fully supported by DevalVR.
To download the DevalVR player click here: DevalVR player (227k). Plug in help


  source: Macromedia