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Europe >> Italy      
Trieste VR
  Trieste QTVR (Trst), Italy: Before and After the storm. Italy are world champions for the fourth time after beating ten-man France 5-3. (13 QTVR and 13 DevalVR full screen)  

Europe >> Slovenia

Ljubljana   Ljubljana is the capital and largest city in Slovenia. The city of Ljubljana is the cultural, scientific, economic, political and administrative center of Slovenia. It is situated in central Slovenia, between the Alps and the Mediterranean  
Piran   Piran, The oldest town centre was surrounded by walled fortifications probably already in the 7th Century. The town was divided into districts designated after the town gates  
Lake Bled   The lake Bled was formed after the recession of the Bohinj glacier. It is up to 2120 m long and up to 1380 m wide, its maximum depth being 30.6 m and tectonic in origin.  
Lake Bohinj   Lake Bohinj is located in the Julian Alps not far from more touristy Bled. It is close to the border with Italy and Austria in the northwest of Slovenia.  
Vogel   Vogel in the north west of Slovenia and part of the Triglav National Park area, looms high over Lake Bohinj and it's from here that you'll get one of the most breathtaking views of both the lake and the Julian Alps.  
Savica   Sava Bohinjka (which merges with Sava Dolinka into the Sava)  begins when two rivers, the Koritnica and the Mostnica merge.  
Pekel Waterfalls   The name Pekel means 'hell' in Slovene but this place is anything but. The attraction here is a hiking trail which passes five waterfalls  
Bistra   Situated by the brook is Bistra Castle, which houses the Technical Museum of Slovenia. In the past it was the home of Carthusian monks.

Europe >> Croatia      

  Dubrovnik (Part 1 , Part 2 and Part 3)  - the city of a unique political and cultural history (the Dubrovnik Republic, the Statute from 1272), (inscribed on the List of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO)
Ston and Mali (The Little) Ston  is surrounded by a high wall  5 kilometers (about 3 miles) in the shape of a pentagon. Wall  has to be the second longest wall in all of Europe, (16 QTVR and 16 DevalVR )
Europe >> Bosnia and Herzegovina      
Sarajevo   Sarajevo - Das ist Valter, Bascarsija ,
Religious sites and  Museums

The crowning moment of Sarajevo’s time in Socialist Yugoslavia was the 1984 Winter Olympics.(65 QTVR , 65  DevalVR and 65 FLASH) cubic full screen
Bosnian Pyramids   Visoko - Bosnian Pyramids: Ancient Pyramids Of Bosnia? Many Are Believers (8 QTVR , 8  DevalVR and 8 FLASH) cubic full screen  

  Medjugorje Catholic Pilgrimages    has become well known in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the world, because of six young people who claim to have seen visions of the Madonna  (11 QTVR and 11 DevalVR)  

  The Pocitelj Artist's Colony This unique settlement, listed as a UNESCO heritage site,(11 QTVR and 11 DevalVR cubic full screen panoramas)  

  Old City of Mostar -World Heritage List: The Old Bridge in Mostar, which had been constructed in 1556, rose from the ashes in July 2004.  (11 QTVR and 11 DevalVR full screen)  

  The Blagaj Tekija (Tekke)  or Dervish House/Monastery was built in the 16th century during the reign of Mostar Mufti (6 QTVR and 6 DevalVR cubic full screen panoramas)  
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