About Virtual Tour of HAWAII


VTHawaii.com is one man operation, my name is Dean Karamehmedovic and that is what most of you want to know. I have this rare opportunity to live in Honolulu, HI and enjoy the peace of paradise with so many hidden treasured places  and beautiful beaches that everybody is dreaming about. (full story  by Michelle Bienias)

Now about my gear,...

For Cubic VR scene I'm using  Nikon D200 (in past Nikon D70) on Nikon 10.5mm lens on 360Precision Pano Head. Much better setup with suported aplication: Bridge, Photo Shop CS3, Camera RAW, PTGui, Pano2QTVR flash

In the past For Cylindrical VR scenes I was using Sony F717 digital camera with wide and conversion  lens  from  Sony VCL-MHG07  0.7X . All stuff was mounted on Bogen tripod with Bogen QTVR Head Kit  which includes the leveling base, Panoramic Head and Elbow Bracket to ensure the optical center of the lens.  For Stitching and the virtual tour I use PixMaker Pro which is great and very fast software with occasional help of PS.
For underwater photography currently I'm using Ikelite housing for Nikon D70, Ikelite DS51 ttl substrobe, Sigma 70mm macro lens, Nikon 10.5mm or Nikon 18-70mm which require diopter and varaity od dome and port. In past I was very happy with my Sony DC 717, 10bar camera housing and strobe from Époque ES-150 DS and Époque Wide conversion lens DCL-20 0.56X.


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