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The leeward Waianae Coast extend from Kaena Point to Barbers Point and typically has conditions similar to the North Shore with big surf in the winter but suitable swimming and diving conditions in summer.
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Iroquois Beach, Smaller than most Oahu beaches, it runs the length of this former Naval housing area, and has an abundance of white sand and raised sand berm that protects beachfront homes from high tides and large waves.

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Ewa Beach Park, It's not known for being a surf spot, but you'll often see outrigger canoe teams practicing.   Click for Ewa Beach Park
Ewa Plantation Beach   Click for Ewa Plantation Beach
One'ula Beach Park, Uncrowded and spacious, this wonderful neighborhood beach is full of future possibilities and is currently in the midst of change   Click for Oneula Beach Park
Kalaeloa Regional Park at the Barbers Point
Visitors to Kalaeloa's white sand shores of Nimitz Beach get an unobstructed view of Diamond Head ... including 168 acres of shoreline, for a regional park. .
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Oahu Beaches
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Nimitz Beach, located at Barber's Point, offering good swimming amenities despite to the coral reefs. The offshore area is excellent for surfing   Click for Nimitz BeachClick for Nimitz Beach
Barber's Point Beach Park, 2 acre beach park with play apparatus and picnic area   Click for Barbers Point Beach Park
Ko Olina Beach Park. The developer of the 640-acre Ko Olina Resort has created four white-sand lagoons to make the rocky shoreline more attractive and accessible. Nearly circular, the man-made lagoons offer calm, shallow waters and a powdery white-sand beach bordered by a broad, grassy lawn.   Oahu Beaches
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Lanikuhonua Beach, Unlike the other nearby lagoons in Ko Olina , it's not man made and attracts primarily a local crowd of families and nearby residents   Click for Lanikuhonua Beach
Kahe Beach, scubadiving paradise snorkeling secrets is better known as "Electric Beach" from the power plant that is located across the street..   Click for Kahe Beach
Tracks Beach Park, located just little more north of the Kahe Beach park, next to the railroad tracks, so that is why it is called Tracks Beach.   Click for Tracks Beach Park
Manners Beach is a place where you won’t see big crowds, but it is an amusing place for the whole family. Click for Manners Beach
Nanakuli Beach
Nanakuli means ìto look at the kneeî in the Hawaiian language.
Nanakuli has a beautiful golden sand beach. Because it has a gently sloping coral sand shore, the beach is stable all year round.
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Nanakuli Beach Park Beach, encompasses two sections (Piliokahe and Kalaniana'ole), is popular with swimmers, snorkelers, and divers. Click for Nanakuli Beach Park
Maipalaoa Beach Park offers good bodysurfing conditions as well as good, generally safe year-long swimming in the shallow lagoon.   Click for Maipalaoa Beach Park
Ma'ili Beach Park, uncrowded during weekdays with manned life guard stations. The beach is a popular place for family outings and body surfing.   Click for Maili Beach ParkClick for Maili Beach Park
Lualualei Beach Park, a narrow 18-acre park, this beachfront, this rocky beach is an excellent place to get away for a weekend. Six campsites along a narrow beach fronted by coral reef are available with advanced reservations on a first come first serve basis. With the Waianae Mountain Range only a stones throw from the camping area,   Click for Lualualei Beach ParkClick for Lualualei Beach Park
Poka'i Bay Beach Park, Named after the Hawaiian chief Pokaíi, who reportedly brought the first coconut palm tree to Hawaii   Click for Pokai Bay Beach ParkClick for Pokai Bay Beach
Waianae Small Boat Harbor,
85-371 Farrington Hwy.,
Waianae, Hawaii 96792
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Mauna Lahilahi Beach Park, (8.7 acres), mountain, Wai'anae, O'ahu. The beach park is on the south side of Mauna Lahilahi, which is also known as Black Rock.   Click for Mauna Lahilahi Beach Park
Papaoneone Beach in Makaha   Click for Papaoneone Beach
Makaha Beach Park -- When surf's up here, it's spectacular: Monstrous waves pound the beach from October through April. This is the original home of Hawaii's big-wave surfing championship; surfers today know it as the home of Buffalo's Big Board Surf Classic. This is a "local" beach; you're welcome, of course, but you can expect "stink eye" (mild approbation) if you are not respectful of the beach and the local residents who use the facility all the time.   Oahu Beaches
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Kea'au Beach Park, or "the rippling of the sea" is a 38 acre beach park. Rocky limestone shelf front most of the park. Surfers, scubadiver and snorkels are frequent here. Click for Keaau Beach Park
Makua Beach is a long wide sand beach that curves one mile between two limestone point. High surf, especially during the winter month, erodes beach and moves sand into the deeper waters off shore. The process reverse during the summer month when the sand accretes rebuild the beach. Click for Makua BeachClick for Makua Beach
Yokohama Bay. In Hawaii the sun rises up out of the ocean and sets there too. Observing these luminous moment are popular and certainly this is the best sunset spot on the island.
Winter bring huge pounding waves making Yokohama a popular seasonal surfing and bodysurfing best left to the expert.
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Kaena Point State Park is an undeveloped 853-acre coastal strip that runs along both sides of Kaena Point, the westernmost point of O'ahu. Kaena Point
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Kaena Point
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