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The North Shore, which extend from Kahuku Point to Kaena Point, has spectacular waves in winter (from December to March) but can be as calm as a lake during the summer month (from June to September)
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Sunset Beach is on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawai'i and known for big wave surfing during the winter season. The original Hawaiian name for this place is Paumalu. It is home to the Duke Kahanamoku Classic surfing competition, the O'Neill World Cup of Surfing competition, and is occasionally the site of the Quicksilver Big Wave Invitational.
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North Shore
Ehukai Beach Park Oahu's famous North Shore, home to the Banzai Pipeline, a world class surfing spot. Wide with lots of sand offering good swimming in the summer but when surf When it's "cranking," the surf, besides being the most spectacular in the world. Oahu BeachesClick for Ehukai Beach, HI
Pahipahi'alua Beach   North Shore OahuClick for Pahipahialua Beach
Kaunala Beach, Calcareous sand beach on the shore of the land division Kaunala and also known as Velzyland.   North Shore OahuClick for Kaunala Beach
Pupukea Beach Park, This 80-acre beach park is a Marine Life Conservation District as such, it has strict rules about taking marine life, sand, coral, shell and rock. Two major swimming area are in marine Conservation District; Shark's Cove and Three Tables. Shark's Cove, near the northern end, is not named for an abundance of sharks that call this home, in fact,.sharks here are relatively uncommon to see. It;s very popular scuba diving and snorkeling dive site.
At the southern end of the Marine Life Conservation District is Three Table, which is named for the three flat section of reef visible at low tide .Snorkeling and scuba diving are excellent.
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Waimea Bay Beach
This deep, sandy bowl has gentle summer waves that are excellent for swimming, snorkeling, and bodysurfing. To one side of the bay is a huge rock that local kids like to climb and dive from. In this placid scene, the only clues of what's to come in winter are those evacuation whistles on poles beside the road. But what a difference a season makes: Winter waves pound the narrow bay, sometimes rising to 50 feet high.
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Kapaeloa Beach, former land division west of Waimea bay that was incorporated into the Kawailoa land division. Lit., the long canoe landing.   Click for Kapaeloa Beach
Chuns Reef, great little beach. You can't really see much of the beach from the road as there's only a tiny opening between the crush of houses lining the Kam Highway from Haleiwa to Sunset Beach this reef is a great spot for checking out surfers, body boarder and throughout the year.   Click for Chuns Reef Beach
Papaʻiloa Beach, also known as Police Beach because the Honolulu Police Department has a lease on the beach for recreation, is a filming location in Honolulu that is used as the Losties' main beach camp along with various other sets. When not in use by Lost, the beach and set are guarded around the clock.   Click for Papailoa Beach
Laniākea Beach, Support Park Laniakea, or "wide sky," is the name of a freshwater
spring near the east intersection of Pohaku Loa Way and Kamehameha Highway
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Haleiwa Small Boat Harbor
66-105 Haleiwa Road Haleiwa, Hawaii 96712-0178 USA Phone: 808-637-8246. Fax: 808-637-8247 (64 berths and 26 moorings)
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Haleiwa Beach,
The beach offers about 250ft in length by 100ft width of warm friendly sand that is easy on the eyes and is situated so that it gets incredible views of both the sunrise and sunset.
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Ali'i Beach Park, Hale'iwa Ali'i Beach Park was named after the Country Keiki Ali'i football team, a young team coached by Herman Soares during the 1950s.
In later years when the site was developed into a beach park, "Ali'i" was better known by the Baywatch television series
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Kaiaka Bay, a large fifty-three-acre park, is on the north point of Kaiaka Bay. The former site of Fresh Air Camp, the park contain a famous historic pedestal rock called Pohaku Lanai.   Click for Kaiaka Bay Beach Park
Pu'uiki Beach Park, Beach was originally owned and maintained by Waialua Sugar Company for its employees. Today well known as a surf site and also known as Hammerheads. Lit., small hill.   Click for Puuiki Beach Park
Mokuleia Beach Park,.is a great place for the beginning snorkel or diver up to the intermediate level. Shallow waters and a long flat reef provide unlimited snorkeling.   Kaena Point
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