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The Island of Oahu has four main surfing regions: "The North Shore", The south shore "Town", The east side "Windward" and "The Westside". Oahu has an exhaustive variety of recreational activities available. Of course, its a great place for most anything that has to do with water, including swimming, snorkeling, diving, surfing, windsurfing and kayaking.Oahu is ringed with white sand beaches ranging from crowded resort strands to quite hidden cove.
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The South Shore, which expand from Barbers point to Makapuu Point, encompasses some of the most popular beaches on the island, including legendary Waikiki Beach   Click for South Shore Beaches
The North Shore, which extend from Kahuku Point to Kaena Point, has spectacular waves in winter (from December to March) but can be as calm as a lake during the summer month (from June to September)   North Shore OahuClick for North Shore Beaches
The leeward Waianae Coast extend from Kaena Point to Barbers Point and typically has conditions similar to the North Shore with big surf in the winter but suitable swimming and diving conditions in summer.   Leeward OahuClick for West Shore (Leeward) Beaches
The East side or Windward Coast extend from Makapuu Point to Kahuku Point and true to its name is the best side of the island for windsurfing   East Side OahuClick for East Shore (Windward) Beaches