The Manele Bay

MANELE BAY - Located approximately eight miles below Lanai City at the end of Manele Road (Rte. 440) The only public boat harbor on the Island of Lanai and the main port for yachts, fishing boats and a ferry transporting people to and from Maui.

PUU PEHE (Sweetheart Rock)
Reached by following the shoreline from the left side of Hulopoe Beach. A large cove lined with a white sand beach. A sea stack known as Sweetheart Rock lies offshore. According to legend, Puu Pehe, a young girl, drowned in a sea cave. Her lover, with help from the Gods, carried her body to the summit and buried her beneath the ruins of what is believed to be an ancient bird shrine. The cove's very clear waters contain an abundance of marine life affording excellent swimming and snorkeling.