East Side

The Menehune Fishpond was built about 1600 years ago in Nawiliwili. Long ago it was called Alakoko, now it is called Alekoko. This fishpond was built at the desire of an Ali'i (chief). It is believed that the Menehune built it in one night. The different types of fish and crab in the fishpond now are mullet, barracuda, papio, tilapia, blue pincher crab, and samoan crab.
Unlike any of the other Hawaiian islands, Kauai has navigable rivers. There are several places where you can rent kayaks/canoes and even go on guided tours
or unusual Hawaii adventure, cruise up the Wailua River to a lava rock grotto covered with tropical ferns.
Wailua Falls,  This majestic, 80-foot tiered waterfall is located close to the roadside lookout for everyone to enjoy. The falls was made famous when it was featured in the opening scene of the popular television show, Fantasy Island.