Blagaj Tekke (Dervish house) or Tekija Monastery


This is a small town, called Blagaj (20 km. from Mostar) (Google Map). Here, near the Buna river spring, there is a beautiful dervish tekke, a holy place for muslims.

The Tekija (Tekke) was built in the 16th century during the reign of Mostar Mufti (A Muslim scholar who interprets the shari’a) Ziyauddin-Ahmed ibni Mustafa . It leans right to the cliffs above the source of the Buna river. The dervishes that lived here used to enjoy friendly talks and scientific discussions. There is a Turbe (shrine, tomb, mausoleum) next to the Tekija where the tombs of long-term sheiks Sari Saltuk and Acik Pasha are found.
 The toombstone protect the remnants of Sari-Saltuk and Acik-pasha-longterm sheikh of this Tekija.
In 1851 , Omer – Pasha Latas repaired the Tekija and the musafirhana, and since 1952, the Tekija has been protected by the State.

It is incredible to see how the water comes out of 200m cliff wall  to form the Buna River which later combines to Neretva River. Recordings were made of the swirling blue-green waters emerging from the cave.  A must see place which is 20 minutes away from Mostar.


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