Liliuokalani Gardens, Hilo, Island of Hawaii


Japanese garden in Hilo's Lili'uokalani Gardens, named for the Hawaiian monarch Queen Lili'uokalani. The ornamental Japanese park was built to honor Japanese immigrants. The Yedo-type gardens are planned around the serene Waihonu Pond in the center, with charming footbridges and gazebos, weeping willow trees, azaleas by the score, bamboo glades, and acres of manicured oh-so-green grass.
Across the drive from the park is Coconut Island, an intriguing little island reached by a slender footbridge. The Hawaiians knew the island as Moku'ola, the "healing island", and came to the island seeking cures for diseases that afflicted them.
This street leads to Banyan Tree Drive composed of a canopy of Banyan trees outlining the
Waiakea Peninsula.
 The city of Hilo lined the entire drive with Banyan trees in 1935. Tree has got to be one of the stranger trees in the world, and Hilo is bursting with them. The cool factor is the trees were planted by the famous (and for Senator Richard Nixon the infamous) back in the forties and fifties. Each tree has the person's name and year it was planted. Find the tree planted by Babe Ruth!

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